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Polkra x Anna Glover Mirabilia Midnight Coasters - Set of 6


Part of the Polkra x Anna Glover Mirabilia Collection this set of hand-illustrated coasters has been exclusively designed for Polkra by award-winning designer Anna Glover. Inspired by mythical animals and folklore from ancient Indian, Arabic and European manuscripts from around the world, known as 'Books of Mirabilia,' 'Mirabilia' means miraculous events and marvels, and things which inspire and wonder. We hope they do just that to you.


Included in the Set - 1x Snake | 1x Insect | 1x Peas | 1x Crab | 1x Flying Fish | 1x Bird.

Made in



Sustainable eucalyptus base with non-slip cork backing and matte finish


Diameter: 90mm (9cm) Thickness: 3.2mm (0.32cm)