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Counter | Stoneware Carafe


Launching exclusively with online homeware store Glassette this August is COUNTER, a new breakfast set from design studio CUSTHOM.


The COUNTER collection centres around sharing; a meal, a coffee, a conversation.

Using a range of stoneware clays, CUSTHOM has developed this breakfast set over the last few years, paying attention to the small details, exploring the form and investing time in the materials they choose to make with.

The range includes a milk jug, large jug, cup, plate and bowl which can be purchased alone or in sets. COUNTER is a continuation of the tableware ranges that CUSTHOM have been designing over the past few years which make the most of bold graphic lines in a way that is a statement on your table yet subtle enough to compliment each piece and their edible contents.

The pieces are slip cast in London, made from stoneware in small batches. The hand painted details around the rim of each item in the collection is created by glaze in a complimentary colour to the body of each piece.