Red Carafe and 2 Cups


Each carafe is made individually and requires the work in collaboration of 4 people.


As an artisan made /handmade product sizes can change.

We work in partnership with traditional workshops around the country, many of which have been running for generations, some of them for more than 160 years. Faced with the global environmental crisis, we have taken solace in the ways in which communities across Mexico have for generations created useful objects with natural materials they find around them, and which at the end of the item’s useful life can help it to degrade back into the earth.  We are proud to be a part of that tradition and believe that an object made with love, thought and knowledge of technique can be reflected in objects that change our way of consumption.

The Half Moon carafe is specially designed to contain Mezcal, Tequila or any other liquor. Its conical shape refers to the shape of the agave leaves while the upper part takes the semi-spherical shape of the cup traditionally used to drink mezcal.

The head of the bottle also serves to contain two glasses of smaller diameters which can be used to serve the liquor or salt to accompany the drink.

The cups can be accommodated in different positions depending on the use you want to give them.

Made in



High temperature ceramics


11 x 22 cm