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The Vessel


We've accepted the challenge of creating a truly sustainable and impact-less container candle. Plastic-free, refillable and full of purpose, The Vessel is the ultimate container candle.


Made in the Netherlands with the patented bio-photonic glass technology, our plastic-free container has unique properties that protect and re-energize natural products.

The vessel can be refillable or repurposed as a food-safe container. Store anything you love, from dried herbs to gummy bears.

Our signature fragrance combines three powerful essential oils that promote relaxation, ease anxiety and help you wind down.

The Vessel can be easily refillable by simply putting the container in a warm water bath and after a gentle cleaning, it is ready for a new refill.

Refillable container candle. Bio-photonic glass made in the Netherlands. 4 Cotton wicks.


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Made in



Rapeseed wax, Beeswax & Essential oils