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Small Prayer Plant


This handcrafted statement art houseplant is also known as the Maranta Leuconeura


Its broad purple oval shaped leaves with contrasting deep burgundy and bright purple splotches and electric blue arching veins brighten and add personality to any interior space.

In its natural form this species of plant requires a specific care routine. Our handmade botanical sculpture is the perfect colourful alternative and requires no maintenance.

Available in 3 different sizes to meet your individual interior needs.

Small plant contains: 1 small and 1 medium leaves. Total plant height approx 34cm. As these are handmade each item will vary slightly.

This plant comes with gravel and handmade paper pot included so it is ready to display immediately. However this plant will happily live in any pot you choose.


All orders are dispatched within 14 days of purchase

Made in

London, UK


Paper, wood, wire & stones


Height approx 34cm