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Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle - Checker - Black/Tan


Sheepskin hot water bottle cover, incredibly soft with luxurious patchwork of reclaimed sheepskin. 


Made by hand in East Sussex.

To fit a standard-sized hot water bottle, which is approximately 33cm x 20 cm and often 2L capacity.

Hot water bottles are included and made from 100% Natural Rubber and manufactured to the specification of British standard 1970:2012.

Please observe hot water bottle safety recommendations when using and replace the bottle at least every 2 years.

Please note the wool may moult a little initially. This happens less over time and can be helped by brushing with a long pin brush if necessary. 

The sheepskin colours meet industry standards for both wet & dry rub tests however some colour transfer may occur in extreme conditions. 

Dry clean or spot clean only.

Due to the reclaimed nature of this product colours and colour placement will vary slightly.


Made to order and non-refundable, dispatched 1 week from purchase

Made in





38cm x 25cm x 5cm