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Moonlit Dinner Plate


Baron Venus children's crockery collection consists of ‘Moonlit’ dinner plate, ‘Under the Sun’ lunch dish and ‘Garden of Venus’ breakfast bowl made of high-quality porcelain in Germany. Each piece depicts a story inspired by nature and our relationship to its boundless offerings through cobalt blue hand-drawn illustrations. 


Porcelain has been used to store and serve food for centuries as it does not alter the taste of food. Our collection is made of hard-paste porcelain which is a good option for it is strength, durability and resistance to chipping.

Non-toxic properties of our raw materials and finishes make our plates suitable for healthy eating. Moreover, using ‘real’ crockery shows children that they are trusted. It teaches them gentleness and care.

Made in



Hard Paste Porcelain


21.5 x 2