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Contour Blanket | Rosate


Woven at a 300 year old mill in Sudbury, Essex. We have the utmost respect for their approach to making fabrics, their knowledge and experience and work closely with their team to develop our fabrics. We use 100% hand picked Egyptian cotton that meets industry regulations for environmental safety, ethical production and the use of non – harmful chemicals. We blend the cotton with a Viscose flax, which stems from natural fibres and is processed in order to meet the qualities and abrasion required to satisfy European industry standards for both manufacture and use.


The pattern derives from observing how people move, play and behave when adhering to the rules of the drawn line sparked our interest in exploring boundaries, visual communication and behaviour in recreational spaces. This inquiry resulted in Contour, a graphic exploration of line and movement, capturing the energy and playfulness of people navigating sports courts.

Our products are made locally to us in South East London in small batches so as much as we can, we reduce the movement of our items and the possibility of generating unnecessary energy and material waste.


Dispatched up to 7 business days from the time of purchase

Made in

United Kingdom


52% Cotton 36% Viscose 12% Flax


Width of Fabric – 137cm