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Suminagashi 'Seascape' - A hand printed wallpaper


The 'Seascape' wallpaper is hand printed by way of the traditional Japanese Art of Suminagashi, meaning ‘ink floating’.Each piece is unique. There are no pattern repeats - we create individual panels of 'paintings'.


The process of Suminagashi involves inks being placed on the water surface, which then begin to expand on the water. They are only encouraged to move by air, nothing else disturbs the surface. The colours move in an organic way - when a dynamic pattern has been shaped, Natascha makes a print by placing and moving the paper on the water.

White background printed in colours of blues, turquoise and orange.

The inks used are artists inks, non toxic and oil based.Each piece is signed and numbered by the Artist.

We recommend buying a sample before ordering, due to the handmade nature of this wallpaper.

Made in



FSC certified non-woven wallpaper


Panel width: 75cm x length: 28cm