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My Glassette with Louise Roe

For Sharland England founder & broadcaster Louise Roe, home is loud and lively. If you come round, you can expect campari on the cocktail cart and the squishiest pillows on your bed. Read our interview with Louise where she talks about her obsession with Spanish ceramics, rattan furniture and just the right serving of chintz.

What does home mean to you?

It’s a sanctuary; a slice of calm away from the outside world, although it’s definitely not quiet! My husband and daughters are always racing around and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In terms of decor, home is cosy, full of warm colours like brown, terracotta and sage green, and it’s layered with quite rich fabrics, books and rattan.

Tell us about a moment in everyday life at home that brings you pure joy…

Storytime with my daughters before bed. My girls are 5 and 2, and they’ve just started to climb into bed together in their PJ’s, listening to Paddington or Winnie the Pooh. It is a very cute, heart-warming moment that melts any stress from the day.

When you have time off, how do you start your days at home?

I’m an early riser, so I love to take an early reformer pilates class, grab a coffee from my local spot, and then make a big cooked breakfast with the family. In Summer, I love having breakfast altogether in the garden.

If your home was a fictional character, who would it be and why?

What a great question! Jilly Cooper’s Rupert Campbell-Black maybe!? I love 1980’s English countryside interiors- plenty of chintz, antique furniture and Campari on the cocktail cart!

When you’re away from home, what are the three things you look forward to most about coming back home?

Apart from family, I miss my enormous squishy pillows in bed, dinner cooked by my husband (he’s a fantastic cook and I am terrible), and actually seeing our neighbours- they also happen to be our best friends, so socialising means walking about ten steps!

You must come across so many beautiful objects and pieces of furniture around the world through your work. How do you decide which objects make their way into your home?

Well, when my husband grits his teeth and says no more- haha! I try to stick to smaller pieces; I cannot resist an antique Spanish or Hungarian plate to hang on the wall. But rattan furniture is my obsession, so if I find a vintage piece I cannot resist, then I just have to have it…


Last book you got lost in?

Dickens & Prince by Nick Hornby

Favourite song to wash the dishes to?

Sunshine by Tieks

Favourite restaurant in the world?

Great White in Venice Beach, it’s a vibe!

You can swap houses with anyone in the world, who do you choose and why?

Fashion designer Veronica Swanson Beard has the most heavenly Nantucket home, I think I spent about an hour gawping at every detail in a recent issue of Veranda magazine.

Proudest moment in your career so far?

being featured in Architectural Digest this Spring was a true pinch-me moment. But I am also very proud of building a small but mighty team of women, many of them are mums, who really care about Sharland England and what we are creating.

Your most treasured piece of furniture?

Can I pick two? I have a soft spot for our new Piolo chair, made from torched rattan to look like antique bamboo, with a hand-embroidered cushion. But I also cherish my antique bureau desk, which I work from every day, and constantly wonder who has written letters from in the 300 years it has been used!

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