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My Glassette with AJ Odudu

Take five minutes to read our interview with AJ Odudu on simple comforts and the way that your own space lets you fold yourself inside it for a while, allowing you to rest and recuperate.

What does home mean to you?

Home to me, means love and laughter. I think you can have a big space and you can have loads of nice furniture and things, but actually it’s the people that come into your home and the energy you feel in your home that really make it feel homely. I remember when I first moved into my place in London, and whilst I’m so proud of how I’ve renovated it and decorated it, it did feel immediately homely when my mum came round and we had a cup of tea on the kitchen floor, because I had no furniture; or when my friend came round with a takeaway pizza and we just had that on my living room floor. All those memories, I will never forget and they feel really special because of the energy in the space. Home is somewhere that I feel safe, secure and free to do whatever I want to do.

Tell us about a moment in everyday life at home that brings you pure joy…

A moment that brings me pure unadulterated joy every single day in my home is taking a hot shower. I do not take that for granted, especially as my boiler broke down once and just having cold water for 3 days is not fun. Good water pressure and hot water just feel very very lucky to have, each and everyday. I also love how the Sun hits my bedroom and living room - they’re south facing ish, I think? -  it’s so bright and so uplifting. Watching the sun hit my house plants in a way like no other, just makes me smile each and every day.

When you have time off, how do you start your days at home?

When I have time off, I start my day by doing housework,  it’s very annoying. I don't have a cleaner or anything like that, so I like to give the place a once over, a quick vacuum, empty the dishwasher, wipe down all the surfaces, do all of that. I play music and I’ll make myself a really nice breakfast, like probably poached eggs with mushrooms and avocado on toast - that makes me feel really posh because you know, people spend 12/13 quid for that out and about. So when I make myself a nice breakfast, that feels dead, dead nice. Then, if I’ve got the day off, I really genuinely like to whack on the telly. Nothing says day off more than watching Loose Women and Homes Under the Hammer on the telly, like that’s day off energy!

If your home was a fictional character, who would it be and why?

If my home was a fictional character I'd say she was Mary Poppins.

A little strange, always neat and tidy which surprises everyone (rude 😅), delightfully vain yet particular and always exciting! Mary Poppins always means what she says and so do I, "shoes off please".

When you’re away from home, what are the three things you look forward to most about coming back home?

One of the things I look forward to most when I come back home is just being in my own bed, because I ALWAYS change my bedsheets before I go anywhere. Just coming home and knowing it’s going to be perfect and just how I left it, I am very excited about that. I am always excited to see if my plants have been well looked after, usually by my Dad. It’s always very uplifting when he’s done a good job and has watered my plants in the exact way that I told him too. I’m always like “awww well done Dad”. The other thing that I look forward to is the Telly, turning on the telly. I love watching TV but TV’s these days are so hard to work, that even if I’m staying at a friend's house or in a hotel or wherever, I don't really get the most enjoyment out of them because I don’t know how to blimmin work them. So I always get excited to come back and watch my own telly. I know all the buttons, I know where everything is, and I just know what I am doing with my TV - it’s the best one.

How do you decide which objects make their way into your home?

Oooh that’s a good question. To be honest, if I like it, it's coming home. It just has to come home. Even if it’s too big for the space or I have nowhere to put it, I will bring it home and figure it out. When I first moved in, I decorated the space in a way that every single room goes with one another. So if I don't want something in the living room anymore, it will work in the Kitchen. If it’s too big for the kitchen, it will work in the bedroom. And so kind of as long as it’s something I like and matches the aesthetic of the home, then it’s coming home with me. As a result of that though, I do have a lot of stuff in my loft that I’m still figuring out. I’m like, I don't know where to put it but one day it will come in handy, I just know it - so all good.

Also, sometimes I don't choose what makes its way into my home. Sometimes I get presents and that’s amazing and that is just in my home. It’s amazing when it’s like really nice photo frames, plant pots, like things that I actually really love and I’m like “yes, my friends get me, they get it”. There have been objects where I’m like, where the hell will I put that and again, it’s in the loft.

Last book you got lost in?

Too Much by Tom Allen. I laughed and cried throughout.

Favourite song to wash the dishes to?

Case by Teni

Favourite restaurant in the world?

So hard!!!! In London, Stork in Mayfair is pretty amazing. Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann, Beaker & Grey and Momosan if in Miami. In Colombia…sorry this is an IMPOSSIBLE question to answer. 😅

You can swap houses with anyone in the world, who do you choose and why?

Paloma Faith. It's epic! Bright, bold, beautiful and most importantly full of joy just like her.

Proudest moment in your career so far?

Being the main host of Big Brother

Your most treasured piece of furniture?

My white side table which my friend Veronica bought me at least 12 years ago. It's full of scuffs and scratches but I see it and I think of her.

The thing you’re most looking forward to about summer at home?

Lying in my back garden. I spent all year looking at it and now I want to be in it!

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