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30 Things To Do At Home This Summer

On a sunny day, our first thoughts when we wake up can be that we need to be outside, out in the world, making the most of it. But the summer season can also offer endless potential of new things to do, make, cook and try, in the comfort of our own home.

You can bring a sense of novelty to the everyday in really simple ways - a new summer morning ritual, a sunny day DIY project, mastering the art of a classic dessert or signature dish. A summer at home is a summer well spent.

Whatever fills your cup, here are 30 ways we’ll be spending the warm weather months at home this season:

1. Set the table and #makeamealofit at every sunshiney opportunity, like our co-founder Laura Jackson.

2. Dress up your friday night cocktails with floral ice cubes.

3. Make this the summer you learn to crochet & make yourself the hottest accessory of the summer - the crochet wine carrier

4. Try a twist on a signature dessert - pile your eton mess tower and adorn with homemade meringue swans, juicy berries and fresh flowers.

5. Create a summer morning ritual to give yourself some peace before the day begins, solo breakfast or coffee in the garden or on the doorstep before anyone else is awake.

6. Romanticise staying in with a cold glass of wine and your favourite vinyl to mark the end of a working day.

7. Spark joy for the little ones in your life with these heart shaped pancakes for breakfast

8. Let this be the season that you master the art of making the ultimate, deli worthy sandwich or bagel, filled with all of your favourite things.

9. Make a moodboard now for your autumn and winter home projects - from kitchen renovations to new dorm room prints, we share our interiors inspiration daily on instagram #GlassetteInspires

10. Skip the dinner party and host a dessert night with friends - eton mess and your drink of choice is all that’s needed!

11. Prepare homemade fro-yo for hot days working from home.

12. Finish every summer baking endeavour with edible flowers - it can feel really mindful.

13. Pretend you’re holidaying in Portugal & perfect your own version of the Pastel De Nata - look out for the recipe in Ravneet Gill’s new book launching at the end of June.

14. Cancel your dinner reservation and host a garden picnic featuring summer’s freshest foods and notice how so often our best memories form around the simplest of plans.

15. Lean into JOMO (the joy of missing out) and run yourself an afternoon bath or have an extra hot shower with your favourite cocktail on the side

16. To stay cool on hot days, add ice lollies to soft and alcoholic drinks alike

17. Create your own flavour of butter, taking note from the butter king of social media, Thomas Straker

18. Forage for wild garlic and spend the rest of the day making wild garlic sauerkraut and wild garlic scones. Follow for simple foraging advice for beginners!

19. Use the hot weather as a reason to finally start that classic book you’ve been meaning to read - Penguin has some summer-appropriate recommendations for you

20. Plan your next thrifting holiday based on our guide of Europe’s best flea markets.

21. Print photographs from holidays you loved and frame them in parts of your house where you have some time to pause and remember those memories - like round your bath or near your bed, or above the kettle in the kitchen.

22. Summer should allow for afternoons and evenings resting in bed too, we’ll be watching Harry Potter, Heartstopper Season 2, And Just Like That, Black Mirror & Secret Invasion.

23. Make like Drew Barrymore and create your own mindfulness wall - a dedicated space to come back to daily as a reminder of what’s good, of the progress you’ve made, of your community, of how loved you are.

24. Make the most of salad season and enjoy an extravagant bowl of freshness on a daily basis.

25. Head outdoors for an afternoon of alone time with a podcast or favourite album, plus an iced tea for company.

26. Enjoy the mindful ritual of a summertime garden harvest.

27. Summer is a good time for a project - pick a home improvement task you’ve been meaning to begin and take your time over the planning and doing. Could be anything from installing a picture rail to choosing under-bed storage or building a garden shed.

28. Make the most of summer light moving around your space - use oil pastels, pencils or paint and have a go and drawing a still life of a little scene at home

29. Invest in a flower frog, forage some flowers and take time to make an artful ‘at home’ floral display

30. Use the possibility that comes with summer to start a new monthly dinner party tradition that you can continue long into the winter months and beyond. Read The Art of Gathering for lots of ideas on how to bring people together in a meaningful way - book clubs, pot luck dinners, cheese and wine nights. Choose your theme, invite your people and start a new ritual of being in community over great food and drink.