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The Only Summer Day Packing List You Need

An extensive guide to what you need to pack in your bag for every kind of summer's day

From beach BBQs to lazy days in the park with only a book for company, taking the time to plan elements of a sunny day out means you can leave any stress at home and focus on being present and enjoying the day.

Whether your calendar for the months ahead is full already, or you’re leaving space for spontaneous plans - this is your ultimate sunny day packing list so that don’t have to make a new list every time you’re leaving the house and you never leave anything important behind!

What to pack for a picnic

After a particularly rainy winter and months spent huddling indoors, the novelty of a picnic with friends will never wear off. Time in nature will always feel like a way to reset and if you pack everything you need, you can hunker down in one spot to while away the afternoon or evening. Here’s what you need to pack for your summer picnics:

A selection of your favourite picky bits

Perhaps most importantly when planning a picnic is the food you plan to prepare in advance. Pasta salads are a guaranteed crowd pleaser that can be made in no time at all, pairing perfectly with a selection of breads, houmous, cheeses, cured meats and fresh fruit. The creme de la creme of supermarket picky bits shine bright during a picnic spread, from sausage rolls to mini quiche offerings, these easy additions to your picnic basket guarantee there’s something for everyone.

Picnic blanket

Whether the ground is damp from the morning dew or you hope to create an inviting spot to lounge on from afternoon till evening, a picnic blanket is the foundation of a day well spent outdoors.


Despite the joy that can come from regressing to childhood habits in sitting on the floor for hours on end, the reality can be slightly less comfortable. If you’re picnicking not far from home, grab some cushions to both sit on and lay down to rest your head and consider your outdoor dining experience levelled up.

Picnic basket

A picnic basket or oversized tote bag is essential for transporting your chosen picnic dishes, cutlery, beverages and more, and is worth investing in for the summer season ahead. Choose from traditional woven styles or a more wearable tote bag to ensure you have a means to easily carry your picnic essentials to your chosen sunny spot.

Cool bag

To keep fruit and meats fresh or canned drinks cold, an additional cool bag filled with freezer blocks is a must for storing food on warm days.


If you plan to open either alcoholic or soft drinks soon after arriving at your chosen picnic spot, ice may still remain frozen if stored next to freezer blocks in a cool bag. Try adding edible flowers to homemade ice cubes, or flavour with lemon or mint for an additional flair to both cocktails and sparkling soft drinks.


Whether paper or metal, straws can come in handy for iced coffees or summertime classics such as Pimms over the span of a warm afternoon.

Mini condiments

No matter your chosen menu, miniature servings of ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard never go amiss.


For occasions such as picnics when food is typically eaten without cutlery, linen napkins never go amiss, and can also be used to wrap around bottles to prevent them smashing whilst carrying them.

Non-breakable dinnerware

From enamel plates to acrylic spoons, opt for dinnerware made from durable materials you can easily transport out of the house, worry free.

Cutting board

From breads to cheeses, a small chopping board can create more ease when dining al fresco.


Hours enjoying the sun are made all the more fun without the risk of being burnt.

Facial mist

For particularly warm days, throw a facial mist into your bag for instant relief from the heat.

Sunnies and a hat

Don’t forget these warm weather essentials.

Mini speaker

If you’re picnicking with a larger group, a speaker and mellow summer playlist can offer a beautiful addition to the atmosphere amongst friends.

Corkscrew/bottle opener

Add this to the top of your list to avoid running to a nearby shop when beers or ciders can’t be opened.

Rubbish bag

Throw in a small rubbish bag to make your end of day cleanup all the more easy.


Think badminton bats, a frisbee, pack of cards, our backgammon teatowel (multi-purpose, yes please!) or a football.


What to pack for a hike

For those with plans for active summer weekends, a day spent hiking can be both rewarding and a refreshing change of pace from a weekday 9-5. From routes across the Lake District, New Forest, Pembrokeshire and The Cotswolds, the possibilities for time spent amongst nature are endless within the U.K alone. Packing for a day of hiking will vary depending on the weather and length of your hike, with the main challenge being finding a balance between bringing all the necessary items and ensuring your bag remains as lightweight as possible.

Portable charger

An essential for any long trip in nature, don’t be caught out with a low phone battery and a long way home.

Extra socks

Try and ensure your walking shoes are fully broken in before setting off on a long hike, but if in doubt an extra pair of socks can help uncomfortable shoes feel more cushioned.

Blister plasters

No matter how small, a blister can easily ruin a walking experience, meaning a selection of good quality plasters are essential.


Long hours in the sunshine mean SPF reapplication is a must.

Snacks/protein bars

Fuel up and keep energy levels high with a generous selection of snacks from fruit to protein and cereal bars amongst your other main meals of the day.

Water bottle

Finding water may be tricky depending on how remote your route is, so ensure you have a large and fully filled bottle before setting off.


Whether it be a route saved to your phone or a printed map, ensure you have access to a map no matter how straightforward the hike may seem.


British summertime can be deceiving, particularly if you’re walking in hilly areas that are prone to being windy. Bring additional lightweight layers to ensure you’re prepared if the weather takes a turn.

Trekking poles

Helpful for long walks or uneven terrain.

Rubbish bag

Bring a small waste bag for any food wrappers or rubbish to separate within your bag.


What to pack for a beach day

The epitome of a perfect summer's day, a trip to the beach can be a welcome opportunity to indulge in the activities that feel available for only a short slither of the year- be it reading in the sun, swimming in the sea or catching a tan between trips to the ice cream van. Consider this list a comprehensive guide to everything you may need for a perfect day at the coast.

Quilted beach bag

The ultimate day at the beach comes with a long list of essentials meaning a generously sized beach bag is a must. Bonus points if it matches your beach day outfit.


For the couples or friends who can’t decide between relaxing in the heat of the sun or cooling shade, a parasol provides the perfect middle ground to keep everyone happy. Easily pitchable on both sandy or stony beaches, a parasol can also provide the perfect spot to store food or cool drinks under.

Beach towel

Whether you’re planning multiple dips in the sea or simply to paddle at the shoreline, a beach towel is a must both to sit on and dry off with.

Beach chair

For those who plan to stay at the beach from lunchtime till sunset, a beach chair can offer a comfortable alternative that allows you to enjoy time in nature for longer.

Lightweight dinnerware

Whether you plan to prepare your own picnic or enjoy a quintessentially seaside fish and chip dinner, enamel plates offer an easy solution to sand covered snacks.

Portable lamp

Days that effortlessly seep into spontaneous evenings at the beach call for a small and easily portable source of light to allow conversation to continue flowing.


As the sun sets the temperature inevitably drops, so whether it’s used to sit on or wrap around cold shoulders, a lightweight blanket never goes amiss.


Long days of sun exposure call for factor 50 on repeat.

Slip on shoes

Sand filled trainers are never fun- remember your sandals or slip ons.


If a solo beach trip is on the agenda, don’t forget your latest read and the perfect opportunity to feel absorbed in its pages.


Sometimes listening to your favourite album whilst watching the ocean wash in and out can be the most healing summer pastime.


For emergency Mr Whippy ice creams.

First aid kit essentials

It’s best to be prepared and remember plasters, painkillers and hand sanitiser.

Swimwear and a post swim cover up

For avid swimmers and shoreside sunbathers.


What to pack for a weekend of camping:

For those ready to embrace a digital detox and all that a weekend under the stars has to offer, the simplicity of a sunny camping trip can provide the ultimate reset. Choose a weekend when a heatwave is on the horizon, and go back to basics with al fresco cooking and dining, guaranteed to inspire laughter and the opportunity to tune out of the everyday. In addition to your camping essentials, there are numerous ways to enhance your experience and lean into dining rituals that make the experience all the more special.

Table linen

A simple plastic or fold up table can soon be levelled up with the right tableware. Add a colourful tablecloth for a slice of novelty in your outdoor dining, and prepare for the joy that comes with successfully tucking into campsite cooked dinners. Cheers!

Outdoor placemats

Level up your table setting one step further with a selection of outdoor appropriate placemats that create the perfect base for al fresco dining.


A camping essential, ensure you’ve packed a couple of blankets for evenings in front of a campfire when the temperature drops.


Make your sleeping space all the more inviting with some cushions thrown in for extra comfort.


Campsite showering may not be the most glamorous, but with the right attitude can be embraced for a short time amongst nature. Don’t forget a thick and warm towel to dive into afterwards.