A Life Well Lived

Laura Jackson

Glassette Co-founder Laura Jackson on life lived round her kitchen table. Chaotic breakfasts, big work meetings, tea-time margaritas and pizza parties; the quiet moments and the tiny celebrations it plays host to every day. Discover Laura's go-to dinner party playlist (not what any of us expected) and the best thing about always playing the host.

What does a life well lived mean to you?

Good food and good people that bring me joy. I don't think it's possible to be happy all the time but I try to always feel content - I feel my most content when I am at my dinner table having a margarita.

Tell us a bit about the table where you host your guests?

It's a huge table - 1 x 3 meters! It's in my kitchen and it really is the pillar to my home. I mean, if this table could talk! It had to be a big table for the space but also for how many people we like to squeeze round there. It really has been the place where everything happens recently: late nights working on Glassette, early mornings with the small people and we're planning to have friends round this winter too. I'm enjoying planning little gatherings again. 

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

That's always a tough one, but right now it would be all my friends and family who I haven't seen whilst working on launching Glassette. Then I would have a second night with all the Glassette partners so I could meet them in real life and give them all a hug.

What do you cook for yourself after a long day of work?

Well, sometimes I whip up an absolute feast for one, but most of the time a rushed dinner is beans on toast with cheese and worcestershire sauce - yum.

A view of Laura's conservatory leading to her garden
What's the most memorable dinner you've ever been to?

My wedding dinner - is that cheesy? Our wedding was in Portscatho in Cornwall and our friends at Stallards and Hidden Huts made some of the best food I've ever eaten. 

What are your three key ingredients for hosting a memorable dinner party?

Wine, pals and food - can I say music too please? 

What's your favourite thing about always being the host?

Watching people eat and chat - it gives me the greatest feeling watching people eat the food I've cooked. Beats watching the kids throw my dinner on the floor.

What little things do you appreciate most when you're the guest at a dinner?

I love it when they text me when they get home saying a huge thank you - or when guests go as far as a thank you card. Life is busy, so these small things are meaningful.

Which Glassette object is a regular at your dinner table?

My frenchette wine glasses… coming soon. 

What's on your dinner party playlist? 

My go to playlist is the dirty dancing soundtrack - always fun.

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Photography by: Taran Wilkhu 

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