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Postcards from Copenhagen

Even when you’re in a city for 48 hours, it’s possible to create a little spaciousness. Spaciousness is leaving early enough so that you know you’re going to arrive early, so when you get there you have time to look around. You don’t have to see everything, you don’t have to always be moving. Recently when our co-founder Laura Jackson went to Copenhagen, planning was as much about how she wanted to feel as where she wanted to go - to flow with the days and see where they might take her. 

"For design lovers, natural wine lovers and foodie fanatics, Copenhagen is an assault on the senses. I got on the plane home after 48 hours in the Danish capital feeling rejuvenated and buzzing with inspiration. The people we met were warm and generous, there’s a real sense of letting the day meander along here, a notion of ease and openness.  Where else can you safely leave your new born in front of a cafe whilst you go in and order a cappuccino?!" 

- Laura Jackson, Glassette's Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

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Take the train to The Louisiana Museum

Take the 30 minute train to The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and let yourself be transported to the most magical place. The museum's permanent collection boasts over 400 pieces of art, its garden has kinetic & theatrical sculptural work from Calder and its views across Øresund towards Sweden will be the perfect back drop to any insta photos. Don’t even get us started on the museum shop; it’s a very good one. You have to leave with a museum poster - it’s the rules.

Have a nosey around The Apartment 

This apartment come showroom come gallery is the brainchild of Tina Seidenfaden Busck who designed the space to feel like a beautiful private home. It’s bursting with colour, print and layered with textiles - with everything available to ‘add to basket’. The Apartment combines modern design and contemporary homewares - the perfect example of playful Danish interiors.

Buy a coloured crate at Hay House

One of the city’s most famous homeware brands sits in a large traditional house in the centre of the city. From rainbow toasters to sculptural lighting, it will be hard to leave Hay House empty handed. 

Eat like a king

It may have been Noma that put Copenhagen on the food map, however the streets are filled with interesting, delicious places to dine that won’t break the bank. It has been hard to narrow the selection down but we wouldn’t go to Copenhagen without a visit to Atelier SeptemberJuno Bakerybæst and Osteria 16 and Kødbyens Fiskebar.

Go for a swim at La banchina 

All days would be better if they began with a swim and a slice of cake. And in Copenhagen, there’s no better place to swim than La banchina. It is easy and unfussy, so are its dishes, it’s the ideal spot to spend a sunny Saturday with friends, swimming off the pier drinking natural wine and eating simple local fare. This favoured spot by locals, never disappoints.

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On our second night in Copenhagen, we were invited to a very special party hosted by friends of ours. It was one of those nights that was close to perfect, the music was joyful and everyone danced through the night. Inspired by this night and reminded of how it good feels to dance with your friends, we’ve curated the ultimate mixtape for dancing - just as appropriate for late summer parties as it is for kitchen dancing.