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Sophia Barrese

For vintage seller and content creator Sophia Barrese, home is a homage to mid-century shades and shapes. Her new home is a renovation, a work in progress, a place that’s slowly taking shape, with sunny corners and warm, mellow tones leading the way. 

Many of us have spent more time at home than ever before over the last year. How has your relationship to home changed in recent times? 

Lockdown definitely made me appreciate the meaning of home a lot more, prioritising comfort and function above aesthetics. We moved house in the middle of 2021 which has brought with it so many changes to my relationship with home. Aside from being in a totally new house, it’s been nice to take on board lessons learned from our previous home with creating new spaces. I’ve also come to really understand the importance of decluttering and the impact this can have on your mental health. Home should be the place you feel most at ease, from the moment you walk through the door. I think a space should feel warm, inviting and calming - for both people coming home from work and for people working from home.

Tell us about a moment in everyday life at home that brings you pure joy.

It’s got to be golden hour most (sunny) evenings in my front room.

You’re currently in the process of renovating your new home, how have you found living in a space that you’re in the process of changing? 

Hard! It really takes for you to live in a chaotic space which doesn’t quite feel like your own to understand what feeling at home really means. Once we had one room boxed off and liveable, the positive effect on my mood was pretty much instantaneous! The process is so much easier when you have at least one small haven, whether that’s a room or a comfy, quiet corner. Ultimately though, the hard work is well worth it. You’re making a space which is all your own and that’s a really lovely thing.

Where do you start when you’re planning how you want a room to look? 

Colour combinations are always my starting point; figuring out what mood I want a room to have, ensuring I’m not repeating colours and then it’s about prioritising comfort. I’m really big on spaces feeling cosy and homely so this always comes high on my list of considerations when planning out a room. 

What inspires you? 

Mid century style is probably the biggest inspiration to me - I’m forever taking style notes from the colour palettes and textiles used within 1960s/70s decor and fashion. I’m a keen collector of vintage furnishings and I tend to use these as references within a room by default. Equal to Mid Century style, I’m always hugely inspired by the heritage of a building and ensuring the interior stays true to the character of the house. I really don’t like the idea of just replicating the past so it’s always a balance between heritage, vintage and then adding my own, more modern stamp. 

Any tips for people taking on a renovation project of their own? 

Don’t rush it, however tempting that can feel at times and go easy on yourself! 

Most treasured piece of furniture:

My first piece of vintage furniture- a 1960s Art Deco inspired tallboy

Last book you got lost in:

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Cosiest spot in Manchester for dinner:

The Ship Inn in Styal (technically Cheshire I think?)

Best interiors in a movie:

The house in a A Single Man

A scent that makes you think of home:

Coffee brewing on a stove is my Proust’s madeleine.

Most beautiful hotel room you’ve stayed in:

The Love Shack in The Lake District. A mid century-lover’s dream. 

You can swap houses with anyone in the world, who do you choose? 

Real: Dakota Johnson’s house is to die for 

Fictional: Don Draper’s Manhattan Apartment

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