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Bel Powley

Actress Bel Powley gets sentimental about life lived at home. For Bel, home is a place where everything is celebrated, from morning coffee made on the stove to evening martinis in the sun. 

Many of us have spent more time at home than ever before over the last two years. How has your relationship to home changed in recent times? 

My relationship with home has changed tenfold in the past couple of years. My fiancée and I bought it in September 2019 - the first home either of us have owned. During the pandemic we spent A LOT of time at home. I learned a little bit about gardening, and we both became better cooks. I basically learned how to be a grownup!

Tell us about a moment in everyday life at home that brings you pure joy… 

Making a martini in the evening and deciding what to have for dinner! (Ok, maybe not a martini every evening!)

When you have time off, how do you start your days at home? 

I go straight downstairs and put my beloved old Bialetti percolator on the stove, turn on BBC Radio 6 and FaceTime my 8 month old nephew to say good morning. 

If your home was a fictional character, who would it be and why? 

She would be Patsy or Eddie (from Absolutely Fabulous) because she loves a party!

When you’re away from home for work, what are the three things you look forward to most about coming back home? 

Long indulgent dinner parties with friends and family, drinking strong black coffee in the morning sun on the terrace, and most importantly being reunited with my wardrobe - I hate living out of a suitcase. 

Last book you got lost in?

Luster by Raven Leilani

Favourite restaurant in the world?

I can’t pick one! Palomar in Soho is an old favourite, more recently - Brat in Shoreditch. Shuko in NY was one of my most memorable meals. 

You can swap houses with anyone in the world, who do you choose and why? 

Anyone who lives in Paxos, Greece - I’ll gladly swap with them! My dream is to have a house in there. 

Proudest moment in your career so far?

Being able to take my Dad with me to the BAFTAs when I was nominated - it was really special. 

Your most treasured piece of furniture?

A small wooden chair that was in my childhood bedroom - it’s travelled with me to every home I’ve ever had, and it’s covered in paint splatters from all the bedrooms I’ve painted! 

A scent that makes you think of home?

Black coffee - I’m a huge coffee drinker. I make a large percolator in the morning, have 2 hot coffees and then in the afternoon drink the rest with ice. NEVER with milk.

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