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Beata Heuman

For interior designer Beata Heuman, finding objects for her home is a serious business. Peer through the window into her imaginative world and shop her favourite objects for home and for life.

Tell us about a moment of everyday life at home that brings you pure joy.

The first sip of my cappuccino in the morning! 

Many of us have spent more time at home than ever before over the last year. How has your relationship to home changed in recent times?

To be honest, home to me has always been very important, so it just cemented how I already felt about it. The relationship grew even more serious. 

You must come across so many beautiful objects and pieces of furniture around the world through your work. How do you decide which objects make their way into your home? 

I'm looking for that feeling you get when you just have to have something, and I try to never settle for anything less. When you know, you know.

The book you want to pass on to everyone you know:

Pretty niche and kind of dense, but I love 'Against Design' which is a collection of essays by various scholars on the work of Josef Frank. This tip is applicable to design-nerds only. 

Comfiest hotel bed you've ever slept in:

I have to say Soho House White City - which I didn't really expect. I was just trying to use up some credits and ended up getting the best night's sleep of my life! 

Cosiest dinner in London:

I love going to the Angelsey Arms in Hammersmith with my husband, on a rainy autumn's eve. 

Secret spot for antiques shopping: 

I had one of my most successful antiquing trips ever in Holt in Norfolk. A heady day of bobbins and dusty vases. 

Person you'd most like to do a house swap with:

Anyone who owns a house with old world charm and a good (ideally pre-stocked) kitchen on a remote island. I long for some windswept sea-side times. 

Best destination for interior inspiration:

I love Florence. The city is filled with interesting details and is home to many old fashioned workshops and makers of all sorts of home related items. It is also a treasure trove when it comes to discovering beautiful colour combinations in art and architecture. 

Best interior bargain:

I bought two huge vases during the above mentioned trip to Holt for next to nothing. I had them re-wired as lamps and they kind of make my living room!  

Biggest interior splurge:

The glass ceiling in my kitchen - but it was totally worth it. It just means I can't ever move.

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