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Abisola Omole

For digital entrepreneur Abisola Omole, home is designed with a feeling in mind. Her own space is a place of serenity; a place for anime marathons and listening to Day Wave, somewhere where the day flows easily.

Many of us have spent more time at home than ever before over the last year. How has your relationship to home changed in recent times? 

It’s simple really, I want my home to be a place that is filled with peace. From the tones to the texture, I want every room to provide comfort whilst being inspirational in its design. I used to think my spaces should be exciting and fun but I’ve passed that season in my life and now I just want somewhere I can fall into a fairly deep state of serenity. 

Tell us about a moment in everyday life at home that brings you pure joy… 

When I change my bed sheets and then immediately jump in to watch an anime marathon — the comfort and joy I feel is seriously unmatched. I’m currently watching Tokyo Revengers!

When you’re designing and curating a new space, where do you begin? 

Usually with “an emotion”. For myself, I often know instantly what I want a space to evoke but for a client, it’s important that we sit down and I really understand the emotion they want to feel when they spend time there and the purpose for the space. This leads to a tone & texture palette being developed and then feature items are found, these become the hooks that really bring the emotion alive and then everything else follows naturally from that place. 

Abisola standing in her shop
What inspires you? 

You know how everyone says, you’re a combination of the five people you spend the most time with? Well, I spend the most time with my sisters and so they definitely inspire me the most. If we’re talking about design inspiration, then I love Rose Uniacke & Kelly Wearstler’s work. 

What are your tips for creating cosy corners at home? 

Limit ‘strong’ fabrics, like leather and focus on wools & boucle, fabrics that are naturally soft. Ensure all senses are being catered to. Fragrances like cypress and fig are calming yet full of character so invest in great candles or diffusers that really fill the space. Also invest in a great sound system that can play your cosy playlist with all the bass and body it was meant to be played with. 

You often travel to LA and New York, what are the three things you look forward to most about coming home?

1. Getting take-away, maybe Sticks n Sushi and hanging with my family in my living room, watching shows like Succession.

2. Lighting a candle, playing some Day Wave or Leon Bridges or Japanese House and just hanging out in my room, brainstorming or catching up on emails. As simple as it might sound, I love these quiet, wholesome moments.

3. Re-organising my beauty products. I wouldn’t say it’s a seasonal thing, more that it changes depending on how I’m feeling/what my skin needs and this change can sometimes happen monthly. It’s kinda cool coming home and going through my cupboards to see which beauty stays and which new items get brought out to my bedroom console table. 

Last book you got lost in:

Mythos by Stephen Fry.

Cosiest cafe in London for escaping for awhile:

Kipferl, Islington. 

Best spot in the world antiques shopping:

Southern Italy markets & estate sales. 

Favourite place for food in LA:

Manpuku (Japanese BBQ). 

You can swap houses with anyone in the world, who do you choose?

Probably Jenni Kayne, her house is next level calm & chic. 

Most treasured piece of furniture:

My Boucle Maralunga sofa, as it was the first piece I reupholstered.

A scent that makes you think of home:

A few years ago we went on a family holiday to Sintra in Portugal and the streets smelled so much like lemons. When we asked around they all said that the unofficial fragrance for the road we were on was L'Occitane’s Citrus Verbena and so, naturally, we bought it. Now my parents house is often filled with that scent and so whenever I smell a deep lemony fragrance I think of that trip and of home.

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