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What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration for what to do on New Year’s Eve, we’ve got you. For us, it’s not all about sequins and big parties (though those can be great). We like to celebrate in small ways: cooking our favourite food from the last four seasons and creating rituals that give space to celebrate and process the year. 


Whether you’re hosting friends or cooking for one, after the food rituals and ceremony of Christmas, we think New Year’s Eve calls for 'picky bits' & canapés. You can buy these from the supermarket and pop them in the oven for a fuss-free evening snack or you can get creative and make miniature versions of your favourite food and dishes from 2022. 

Glassette Co-Founder & Creative Director Laura Jackson is making crostinis for her guests: “My top tip for New Year's Eve gatherings is make crostinis – they look like fancy canapés but they take minutes to throw together. You can shop buy them or make by toasting slices of baguette in the oven with oil, salt and pepper. They can be topped with everything from hummus to Parma ham, peas and tahini to posh pâté – sprinkle on some herbs for extra jazz. Serve with a negroni, glass of wine or fizz!.”

Earlier this year, we interviewed Food Artist Imogen Kwok about the art of gathering; how to create beautiful and artful moments through food. She shared with us ways to elevate simple hosting favourites - a classic G&T, bread and butter,  a fruit tart - to create a sense of ceremony to make our guests feel loved and appreciated. Imogen’s tips are quick and simple, perfect for New Year’s, to make our starters and canapés feel special but not stealing us away from spending time with our loved ones. 

Here are a few of our favourite food art moments from Instagram recently that have the kind of show stopping/final act aura you might want for the last day of the year. Perfect Profiteroles by @aromecassisPearly Pearls by @lailacooksShell Madeleines by @celineyrsCherry Pizza by @celineyrsToast Oil Painting by @h0mec4fe and Abstract Crudites by @plant_romance.


Our Co-Founder & CEO Daniel Crow has put together a playlist for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. For dancing into the small hours with friends or dancing out everything you feel about 2022 in your pyjamas before bed, this is the ultimate kitchen disco mix. 


If you’re having a cosy night in, picking a film for the night and making it feel like you’re at the cinema is a great way to make NYE feel novel & special without any of the going out or getting dressed up fuss and pressure. Dim the lights, pop some popcorn & make your favourite drink before the film starts. You could try making a den or a fort out of pillows, duvets and blankets (topped off with a bed-sheet roof lined with fairy lights for extra cosiness) and curl up in there to watch your film. Hot water bottles & weighted blankets are the icing on the comfort cake. 

Our Brand Operations Manager Nina Timms is our film guru and always has a recommendation that fits our mood perfectly. “If you’re having a movie night at home, here’s my recommendations. For a cosy, comforting watch: Moonrise Kingdom, for a cult classic: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, for something unexpected: Everything Everywhere All at Once. Our favourite watch of 2022 and one I'd highly recommend: Triangle of Sadness.” 


For midnight toasters or those who’ll be heading to bed early, New Year’s Eve is an excuse to make yourself an extra special drink. @tenderherbs is letting a slab of dark chocolate melt over a hot cup of coffee and we’d really like to try that, while @photisserie is garnishing everything with a cherry. Our Special Projects Manager Lucy Wilson is going for a festive classic: “In our house, New Year’s cocktails always contain my mum's sloe gin (Sipsmiths do a very good one too!) Two parts sloe gin to one part fresh lemon juice, over ice and topped up with fizzy water is my favourite. Serve in your Frenchettes and finish with a slice of lemon or a blackberry.” While our Digital Marketing Executive Jessica Kerrigan is making a 2022 Instagram icon, the Picante: “It’s my birthday the next day so I’m having a house party with friends, making Picantes (spicy margaritas) with tequila, agave, coriander, fresh chillis and lime! I’m serving those up with a huge cheese board and lots of fresh fruit and cured meat.” 

For a non alcoholic treat, our Head of Content & Creative Sarah Brand has sampled a fair few, here are her recommendations: “For an alternative to champagne, my favourite is Royal Flush by Real Kombucha -a rhubarb and peach fermented tea. For red wine lovers - Wednesday’s Domaine Sanguine is light and tasty, the closest to the real stuff I’ve ever had.”


Whatever your feelings about New Year’s Eve, if we want it, the end of the year can give us opportunity to acknowledge and reflect on everything that has made up the last four seasons. It can be a time for processing and taking stock, a time for leaving things behind that you don’t want to carry with you and a time for making note of what you’d like more of in the year ahead.  When we’ve interviewed people for the Glassette blog this year about their daily lives at home, one of the most fascinating things was how each one talked vividly and expressively about the role that ritual plays in their days. It made us think of our own rituals and why they are important to us. The first things we do when we open our eyes and the little ways we end each day to prepare for the next one are some of the things that bring the most joy and make us feel the most like ourselves. What were your favourite books this year? What was your favourite meal you cooked for yourself? Your favourite walk? Your favourite hot drink? For New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day, maybe there is chance to honour a favourite ritual from 2022? For our CEO & Co-Founder Daniel Crow, it’s all about good music and walks: “ I always like to catch a little bit of Jools Holland no matter where I am and a LONG New Year’s Day walk providing the hangover is not too bad!” For Sarah Brand, our Head of Content & Creative it’s a night of favourite things: “My ideal new year’s eve: out somewhere nice for dinner then home for When Harry Met Sally, homemade dessert & dancing!”

Happy New Year to you, however you mark the day, we hope you find little slices of time for your favourite rituals and some kitchen dancing. Here’s to 2023! 

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