Hosting Tips

Setting the Table with Kirthanaa Naidu

It's not just setting the table. As we edge into the season of lighter evenings and gathering with friends & family, food stylist & creative director Kirthanaa Naidu shares all the ingredients of a great tablescape and tells us how to host a memorable dinner party that your guests will talk about for months after. Growing up in Malaysia, getting together and sharing food round the dinner table is a ritual that has been a pillar of Kirthanaa's days since she was young. She carries this love for hosting with her into life in London where she plans, styles, cooks for and hosts unforgettable dinner parties and events.

In our short film shot at Kirthanaa's home in West London, she explains why setting the table is so much more than it seems. It's about setting the scene. With the right details and focus, it's possible to create another world for a little while, a welcoming space for your guests to bring their whole selves to the table, so they can connect fully with the people around the table. 


Kirthanaa's Table Essentials: