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Lucy Williams: Buying Art For Your Home

Content creator, art lover and expert renovator, Lucy Williams shares her thoughts on accessible art-collecting, simplifying the framing process and turning little keepsakes into art for your walls. 

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What are you looking for when buying art for your home? 

I need to love it (first and foremost) and then I take a step back and figure out where it will go. With smaller pieces I’m a bit more ‘love it, get it, find a place for it’ but with anything larger I try to imagine where it will go and measure, measure, measure. I much prefer single pieces rather than any sort of gallery wall layout and like rugs, I love large pieces of art that really fill a space and make an impact. 

How important is an emotional connection to the art?

When you’re buying something vintage or antique you’re not always able to have a connection with the artist or even know who they are, but I think feeling connected to the art itself is part of what makes us like it. I think the joy of art is that we all like different things and that should be celebrated. I love finding contemporary artists and learning more about them. I always find when you know a little more about why they’ve painted something and how they got there, it definitely makes it even more special.  

Have you bought art with exact spaces within your house in mind or have you bought pieces because you love them and then found a home for them afterwards? 

A bit of both. I bought a huge Casey Moore photography piece for our blue snug knowing I needed something bold and vibrant to lift the space and add some modernity but in our sitting room I ended up finding an antique crafty oil-on-board of a big lion. I bought it randomly a while ago and it worked perfectly. It’s fun playing around with art and seeing when pieces fit in new spaces and likewise I love it when a room inspires the art of vice versa. 

The world of mounting and framing can be quite overwhelming! Do you have any tips you've learned that you can share? 

Lizzie from The Art Register introduced me to Hawkins framing in South East London who are total pros and do a lot of my framing now. They’ve both taught me a lot. I think my biggest tip with framing is to really think about the colour of the mount and not just default to white. You can match the colour of the mount to the paint colour of the wall or pull out a key colour in the piece. We framed a tiny Bobby Fermie piece in a bold red frame and mount which makes it so much more high impact and unique. I also love framing cheap little sentimental things; menus, invitations, postcards… a good frame can turn something free and meaningful into something special you’ll keep forever rather than getting buried in a desk drawer. 

Talk us through the piece you’ve chosen from the Glassette Art Kiosk? 

I chose this little green and purple portrait by Kris Lamorena which is beautifully framed in walnut. I love how bold the colours are and the intensity of their gaze. It is lovely propped up on a shelf to add some colour and personality to a kitchen or bathroom. 


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