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Laura Answers All Your Interiors Questions

Watch our brand new YouTube series where our Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Laura Jackson tackles the internet's most asked interiors questions.

Part 1: Decorate Don't Renovate

  • Q1: How do I choose a colour scheme for a room?
  • Q2: Do I need an interior designer?
  • Q3: What are some key decor elements that will elevate a room?
  • Q4: What size should my rug be?

Part 2: Get Deliberate About The Details

  • Q1: How do I make a hallway feel like a room?
  • Q2: How do I add character to a room?
  • Q3: How do I style a bed?
  • Q4: I want things that go together but that are not matchy matchy. How do I do that?
  • Q5: I want to create a colourful interior but don't know how to pick the palette. Help!

Part 3: Art, Prints & Framing

  • Q1: How do you frame your art?
  • Q2: What about budget-friendly options?
  • Q3: Do I need to mount my art?
  • Q4: Where do I go to buy a frame?
  • Q5: How can I hang my art in a rental?
  • Q6: How to do a gallery wall?
  • Q7: So, why did you create Glassette?

Laura's Decorating Wishlist: