Laura Jackson's Guide to Gifting

I love giving gifts. I always have! I really savour the process of thinking of something that will really make someone feel loved and appreciated. I think it’s about noticing and remembering what people have said, what they are drawn to and how they spend their days. This year I’ve been thinking about objects to give to work colleagues, friends and family - imagining little things that could make their ordinary days at home feel special. A freckled stoneware mug acts as a note to start the day slowly and a smiling butter plate as a reminder of how much you love having people round for dinner. These gifts can remind your loved ones to prioritise these things when life gets busy, to bask in the tiny moments that make up life at home.Here are the objects from my Glassette wishlist, on their way to my loved ones this season.

Laura's Favourite Gifts under £25: