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Sarah Bell on Scent, Emotion & Nostalgia

Creating candles that evoke joy and celebrate the beauty of nature is a thread that runs through every aspect of the Evermore London brand. With a philosophy that embodies mindful and sustainable practices with thoughtful design, burning an Evermore London candle brings about a welcome pause and instant prompt for reflection.

We checked in with Sarah Bell- founder and creative mind behind Evermore London- as she delves into feelings of nostalgia, home fragrance as a therapeutic release, and how past memories and future dreams form the basis of every candle created at Evermore. 

Can you tell us a bit about Evermore and how it all began?

I’ve always loved candles and fragrances, and even from a young age I was always crafting and creating. I decided to revisit making something with my own hands and bought myself a candle-making kit online. That’s when I realised just how many candles were made with paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances. I thought there must be a more natural, authentic way to create them, and I soon became obsessed with researching essential oils and natural waxes.

What scents remind you of your childhood/make you feel nostalgic? 

The green, almost acidic scent of fresh rhubarb reminds me of being little. My granddad lived with us for a short while and he used to grow it in our back garden. I was amazed by how it would magically appear from the ground. 

Are there scents that take you back to certain moments in your life? 

We used to visit family in Ireland every summer when I was a child and the smell of burning turf always reminds me of long summer evenings spent outside in the Irish countryside. Although it’s not particularly good for you or the environment(!),I still love its smoky, earthy aroma.

Can you talk a little bit about the relationship between scent and our moods?

The power of scent really is something quite incredible. Of course, everyone knows how it can instantly conjure up a distant memory and how nostalgic it can be, but the way it affects our mood is more about how we live in the present. Scents such as rose, oud or sandalwood are relaxing and perfect for winding down, whilst citrus, eucalyptus and pine are more rejuvenating; it’s all about knowing which scent you need most at any one time. 

What is the process of making an Evermore candle?

It’s always a long process, but one that I fully immerse myself into every time. First, we start off with the inspiration – is it a place, a memory or just a feeling I want to capture? After the first stages, we brief our fragrance house on the concept and notes I want to capture. Once we have the perfect fragrance, we then go on to test it with our wax, wicks and glassware. Once all the tests are complete and I’m 100% happy with the end product, we can start to go into production. 

Do you find yourself collecting scents/ingredients in the way that some people collect objects? 

Yes definitely, although I have had to reign it in slightly. Our home became overtaken by candles at one point, and they began to lose their magic as there was almost too much to choose from at any given time. I try to keep a curated collection at home now, so that I can really treasure and enjoy each scent.  

Evermore candles seem to last a really long time (they burn slowly and the scent lingers for a long time afterwards) - what is your secret?

I am a real perfectionist and getting the candles to the standard they are was no mean feat. We use quality ingredients – from the cotton wick to the locally-sourced rapeseed wax. Everything has been so carefully considered and we went through a lot of testing to ensure the scent throw and burn are perfect. 

What are the therapeutic benefits of scenting your home?

I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of scent, even before I thought of making candles. Inviting aromas such as fresh flowers or freshly baked bread release serotonin and dopamine in the brain which makes us feel happy and relaxed. With candles, you also have the relaxing addition of a flickering flame and can enjoy your favourite scent, wherever you are in the world. I always take candles with me on holiday to add a bit of familiarity to the space. 

Evermore has an expertly curated scent library, how does a potential new candle make the cut?

With each new candle we release, we’re looking to fill a gap in the current range. Our library of fragrances is far reaching and covers each fragrance– woody, floral, citrus, smoky, spicy and herbaceous. Some fragrances fit into the same categories as each other but are very different in scent.  

How would you go about layering scents in your home? 

For me personally, I prefer not to have too many fragrances burning at once as I find it quite overpowering. However, I do love the combination of lilac and pine, which would be Flore and Grove- they bring a lively outdoors freshness that lifts my mood in an instant.

What do you need to think about when considering the scent of an event or a wedding?

Choosing a scent after you’ve chosen a theme makes things much easier – if you’re planning a spring-time party, you want to go with something light and uplifting such as jasmine or petitgrain. If you’re planning a winter wedding, you might want to try something cosier and calming such as sandalwood or oud. My main tip would be to keep the scented candles away from any food and place them in other areas such as on the bar or in the bathrooms. 

Why did you decide to use rapeseed wax to make the Evermore range?

Rapeseed wax is a relatively new type of wax for candles – it burns beautifully, can be sourced from the UK and it also supports the wild bee population.

Which Evermore candle would we burn to feel calm? 


Which Evermore candle would we burn to feel energised? 


What candle would you gift to a friend about to embark on something new? 


Which candle would you gift to someone to remind them to rest and take care of themselves?


What’s your favourite Evermore scent and why? 

Smoke – the layering of this fragrance develops so much as you burn this candle, meaning you’re discovering new scents the longer it burns, which I love.

Scent that makes you think of home: 


What do you cook/bake if you want your home to smell inviting to guests? 


If we want to learn more about the psychology of scent, do you have any book recommendations?

Essence and Alchemy: A Book of Perfume by Mandy Aftel and The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood

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