A Life Well Lived

Tola Adefioye

Scientist by day, furniture restorer by night; for Tola Adefioye, a life well lived is time spent in his workshop. Tola’s philosophy is that everything that is damaged can be fixed, he believes there can be something strangely nourishing in bringing objects back to life.

What is your life well lived? 

For me, a life well lived is time spent in my workshop. I’m a scientist by day and a furniture guy by night. It’s a mad combo. My job is very, very knowledge-based and there’s no sense of touch or feel. The touch aspect of furniture restoration is very nourishing for me. 

Tell us a bit about your workspace?

It has natural light, which is something I never had in previous workshops, four walls and some nice furniture. I personally think it’s the best workshop on the planet but maybe I’m biased. (it’s open on weekends 12-4pm, so come see for yourself.)

What advice would you share with people who are new to considering vintage furniture for their home? 

Don’t rush and always prioritise comfort over look. Also understand that vintage means that it’s had a previous life, so dents, scratches and stains are all part of the beauty.

Can everything be fixed? Do you see opportunity and possibility with broken objects when other people might not? 

I believe so, I’ve found some amazing things considered lost to damage on auctions and they’ve turned out pretty alright. I rescued a Tobias Scrapa Soriana armchair from a skip! Yes you heard me right!  If you know what to do and are willing to put in the work there’s opportunity and possibility in most things. If you spend time and love with an object, you’re going to get it to a better end point than if you disregarded it immediately.  

What five tracks are on your ultimate workshop playlist? 

Deck Dark- Radiohead

Spring 1 - Max Richter

Never Change - Obongjayar 

Deadman Walking - Brent Faiyaz

All Things To All Men - The Cinematic Orchestra ft Roots Manuva

Tola's Favourite Picks: