A Life Well Lived

Self Care Isn’t Selfish with Estée Lalonde

The London-based Canadian vlogger, creative multi-hyphenate and founder of bodycare brand MIRROR WATER, lets us take a deep dive into her self care routines.

If you have a weekend stretching out ahead of you with no plans and you’re feeling like you need rest, what do you do?

Firstly, this sounds incredible! I live for restful weekends because I have such a hectic schedule during the week. I really try to keep the weekends for myself to prioritise slow and simple activities. I might indulge in leisurely walks, immerse myself in a book, call my friends for a long catch up and/or bake something that takes a little more time. My goal for the weekends is to create an environment that nurtures relaxation and reflection - I never want to feel rushed on the weekend and I like to go at my own pace.

What are the signs you see in yourself that tell you you’re overwhelmed and need rest?

I’m so in tune with myself these days that I can look at my calendar and know what exact day I’ll start to feel overwhelmed. Typically, if I start feeling irritable, mentally exhausted, or I struggle with focus, I know it's time to step back and recharge.I’m no fun to be around when my energy levels are super low and most people in my life understand that thankfully.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I’m definitely an introvert. Even though I’m outgoing, and enjoy connecting with people, I recharge by spending quality time alone. Being alone is my favourite thing to do. I know it sounds so strange to a lot of people, but my dream holiday would be to stay in a cottage in the middle of the woods with no wifi for a couple of weeks. Bliss!

Knowing this about yourself, what does this mean you need on a regular basis?

I make it my top priority to have moments of solitude and quiet reflection regularly. This helps me recharge and maintain a healthy balance. Because I am with people all week for work, I spend a lot of weekends solo doing things I love, which helps keep me balanced. The trick for me is regular recharge moments throughout my days, whether that’s a quick walk with my dog, taking a few moments to breathe at my desk or whatever suits me day to day.

What is the cosiest space in your home?

The cosiest space in my home is definitely my bedroom. It’s where I unwind with my dog Effie most nights so I have tons of candles, soft cushions, and warm blankets to set the scene for relaxing. I love reading my kindle in bed, watching Netflix and having the occasional nap of course.

What would you say to people who say that self-care is selfish?

I'd say that taking care of ourselves isn't a luxury, but a necessity. By nurturing our own well-being, we become better equipped to support the people we love and contribute positively to the world around us.

What is something that people on the internet might not know about you but you wish you could let them know?

While I've shared a lot online, one thing that might not be widely known is how much I love the simple things. Although my lifestyle might look glamorous, I’m happiest in down to earth environments. For my birthday this year, I’m not going to a restaurant because I just want a chill night in! I must be getting older :)

If you only have an hour to yourself, what are your tips for a quick rest and recoup?

If I just had one hour I’d make a cup of tea (cures everything) and do some gentle yoga stretches to release tension. If you can squeeze in a 15 minute walk or more you’re winning. It’s amazing how different you can feel after getting outside and coming back to your home to refocus.

What is your relationship like with social media these days? How has it changed?

My relationship with social media has evolved over time. I now use it more intentionally, focusing on positive interactions, and taking breaks when needed to maintain a healthy digital balance. I still absolutely love consuming content, but I don’t think I can keep up with the youth of today, I wish I had their energy!

What is your Sunday night reset routine?

My Sunday night routine normally involves decluttering my house (I will declutter at every chance I get!), setting intentions for the week ahead, and indulging in a longer bath time & skincare routine than usual. Heaven!

Tell us about your bath time routine?

Bath time is my sanctuary. I fill the tub with warm/hot water and sprinkle my favourite MIRROR WATER Soak Bath Salts in of course. They are.a gorgeous blend of epsom salts and magnesium flakes so they really help relax my muscles and the essential oils make me feel like I’m having a forest bath. I love to light a candle and either read my book (currently reading Animals by Lisa Taddeo) or precariously set up my iPad on the side of the tub and watch some trashy tv.

Mirror Water products by a bath
This feels like a good time to talk about MIRROR WATER! Where did the idea for your own wellness products come from?

I’ve spent the past 15 years working in the beauty industry and building my YouTube channel and social media presence. I love beauty so much and bathing is my favourite way to relax. I felt like it was a bit of an untapped market in the sense that there weren’t many bath/body brands that were targeting the 28-40+ demographic in a way that made me feel connected to the brand’s ethos and reason for existing. I wanted to take my skills in growing my online community, and do it again through the lens of self-care, wellbeing and of course self-reflection. I truly believe that MIRROR WATER was born to fill that void and it’s the brand I wanted to see, but didn’t yet exist. Of course I had to try to do it myself!

What are your hopes for the autumn and winter seasons ahead?

I’m all about embracing the cozy and reflective nature of these seasons. I'm excited to continue growing MIRROR WATER's community and providing resources that inspire meaningful self-care and connection. In my personal life, I’m hoping to make lots of soup, drink chai lattes, enjoy the crunchy leaves and of course have lots of hot baths.