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Seasonal Seed Box: Pure Magic!


TURNIP FLAT WHITE MAY - KOHL RABI WHITE DELIKATESS - SWISS CHARD - SPRING ONION WHITE LISBON - LEEK GIANT WINTERTurnips, Leeks, Chard & Kohl Rabi are all-white vegetables that are a forgotten source of nutrients, fibre and an excellent source of good energy boosts! So let’s make white veggies part of our rainbow!

Kohl Rabi White Delikatess is a fast-growing tasty crop and gives excellent light green tubers with white flesh. Swiss Chard has a fantastic flavour with thick white stems and glossy, rich green leaves. Our flat globe Turnip May has tasty white flesh that has been cultivated for many centuries. White Lisbon Spring Onion is a quick-growing salad onion with mild, tasty white bulbs with tall, pure white stems and bright green tops. The gardeners choice of leek is a late-season, exhibition quality variety. Its solid, long white stems have outstanding flavour.PURE MAGIC!Box contains;* 5 Packets of Open-Pollinated Organic Seeds * Two Biodegradable Sticker Sheets * Reusable Gift Box for Planting * FREEPop-Out Plant Markers * Growing Instructions * 

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Agricultural Waste Paper (Leaves & Stems), Vegetable Inks, Organic Seeds, 100% Recycled Board, FSC Certified Wood, Sugar Cane, Hemp, Linen & 100% Green Energy