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Ophelia Roses Blanket



Ophelia Roses

Out of Dawn

Trembling with moon-mist

The glow of a sun-gold rose!

Wild as a wood bird note,

Fragrant as crushed wine.


Published in Poetry – A Magazine of Verse

By Lucy Eddy, February 1918


This beautiful blanket has two sides:

As night, dark emerald & midnight tones ~ As day, a bed of  blushed roses. Both sides with accents of turquoise & wine highlights.


Ophelia Roses was originally designed in 1927 as a block print for silks. This romantic pattern has been revived & crafted with attention to detail, using ethical suppliers to create meaningful products for your home.

Use as a cosy throw, wall tapestry, rug & picnic blanket, with versatile function lending itself to life and all its moments. Embrace and be comforted by the natural elements.

Please note the back of the blanket are reversed colours.

98% recycled cotton 2% poly. 213.36 x 157.48cm / 84 x 62in.

Cold machine wash on a gentle cycle, and dry on a cool cycle or line dry.

Lead time - 3-4 weeks from date of purchase. 


Pre-order, dispatched 3-4 weeks from date of purchase

Made in



98% recycled cotton 2% poly


213.36 x 157.48cm / 84 x 62in