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Can we please have our favourite salad bowl back?


Handmade ceramic plate made from draycott clay and glazed in shiny white with hand painted lettering in anthracite black made by Dan Jamieson.


Dan is an artist/illustrator and now accepts he is a ceramicist, from Nottingham, living in Walthamstow, London.

He makes handmade 'hate plates' involving blunt, sometimes rude, and charmingly crude statements that are equally bold and equally crass. They centre around the rigours and awkwardness of socialising, friend’s irritating habits, drinking, misplaced nostalgia and aim to provoke a reaction in the viewer as a conversation piece.

Each hate plate comes with an invisible disc hanger mounted on the back so you can display floating off the wall, or have as a shelf/coffee table art piece.

The hate plates started out as an experiment a few years ago during works made in a ceramics class at Turning Earth. When those pieces sold out at a show with Blue Shop Cottage, he started to make more and has continued since.

They have been selling like hot plates with Air Contemporary Gallery and through Dan's website/instagram and now he is very excited to be selling a range of hate plates with Glassette.

Don't say it to their face, say it with a hate plate instead.

This item is hand-made and is non-returnable.

Made in

London at Turning Earth and in Dan's garden studio.




H13 x W13.5 cm

This item is hand-made and is non-returnable.