Darned Hot Water Bottle in Buttermilk and Navy


This handmade hot water bottle cover features a thick pillar rib in an ultra soft premium Scottish lambswool with a cashmere gingham centre made from reclaimed yarns. 


Made in small-batch runs in the New Forest. Includes a rubber hot water bottle.

‘Darned’ takes inspiration from a repair technique where threads are woven across a hole creating a contrast texture to the knit. An aesthetic that stems from the designers love of craftsmanship.

This Product is handmade to order and will be dispatched 5 working days after your order is placed. Manually knitted and hand joined, a labour of love.

Please use a full hot water bottle with care. Hot water bottles can cause burns, avoid direct contact with skin and keep away from children.


Made to order, dispatched 5 working days from purchase

Made in

The New Forest, UK.


Cover 60% Premium Scottish Lambswool, 40% Reclaimed Cashmere. Bottle 100% Rubber


34cm x 21cm x 2cm