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Bullseye | Checkered Glass Wavy Bowl


Available exclusively on Glassette.


Bullseye Collection - one checkerboard wavy bowl in almond and transparent amber/white.

This organically-shaped amber and almond toned bowl features undulated edges and a high-shine finish. Each bowl has a unique shape and shade of colours with the David Perry 3cm square checkerboard style and is fused at 800°c, before returning to the kiln to be shaped into its own one-of-a-kind form.  

The amber transparent glass is uniquely designed with the addition of white swirls and artistic streaks. Therefore, each square of transparent amber glass is completely unique, and the amount of white swirling will vary from piece to piece.

Additional Info: The Bullseye collection is noticeably different to the Oceanside collection, for a matching set ensure items are purchased from the same collection.

Sold individually.