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Bullseye | Petal Pink & Red Checkered X-Large Platter


Bullseye Collection - one checkered x-large glass platter in petal pink and red.


These X-large trays have a range of uses, including food serving or being a unique holder for jewellery and other items. The inside base of the platter is flat, to keep foods or items—such as candles—level. The platter is made up of 3cm glass squares fused together at 800°c.

These products feature the layer of clear glass atop of the coloured glass squares rather than the base. This means the inside is completely food safe, but some natural small air bubbles will be present as part of the firing process.

Additional Info: The Bullseye collection is noticeably different to the Oceanside collection, for a matching set ensure items are purchased from the same collection.

Sold individually.