'The Seer' Embroidery Print


'Here I am, I am Here' said the Seer. This limited edition print of an original hand embroidery has blocks of dense stitching contrasted with the loose stray thread around its imperfect edges. This taliswoman was created as a reminder of gentle, reassuring power and magic. The print is sized to fit the original embroidery and would look particularly gorgeous in an oversized frame. 


*Please note, this is a high quality print of an original hand embroidery and NOT the original embroidery.

Printed to order and non-returnable. Estimated dispatch: 3 days

Estimated Dispatch 1 to 3 Days


Printed to order and non-returnable. Estimated dispatch: 3 days

Made in



280 gsm FSC approved textured acid free paper. Archival inks


23 x 21 cm