At Glassette, we celebrate the art of curating beautiful things, in a slow and considered way. We do not define ourselves as sustainable, but we actively choose to be part of a more sustainable future for people and the planet through our brand selection and our marketplace model. We want to acknowledge that sometimes sustainability pushes us outside of our comfort zone. We’re ok with this, it’s how we learn.

    We are thoughtful about the brands we share with you; considering longevity, artistry and environmentally conscious materials and design. As we educate ourselves, we will be in continuous conversation with the brands we work with about becoming more responsible and the necessary steps forward. We want to harness the power of our platform’s collective ability to encourage brave changes and inspire bold ideas.

    Becoming environmentally and socially conscious will be an unending journey for us. If you have any feedback or ideas, we'd be grateful to hear from you at [email protected] - we want to do this alongside you.