Glassette x Lucy Mahon

Limited Edition Print

A Limited Edition print celebrating the possibility of ordinary days, brought to you from the Hackney studio of artist, Lucy Mahon.

'Today Is A Good Day'

Hackney-based artist Lucy Mahon is an everyday romantic. She notices things. Little flashes of joy in day to day life. And she has a way of savouring and expressing these small, sometimes forgotten, flashes that makes other people think - ‘yes, that exact feeling.’ 

About The Print

This co-designed, Limited Edition print is a nudge towards the moment you’re in now - it’s a little voice letting you know that you don’t have to wait for things to be perfect or different or better to do what you’ve been waiting to do. If today is the day and it can take whatever shape you want it to, what would you do? Printed onto fine art German etching paper with archival inks. Hand signed and numbered. Hand finished so no two are exactly the same.

About The Artist

Artist Lucy Mahon makes simple and playful pieces of art and illustration as visual love letters to the world we live in. She bases her work around rituals and places that bring about comfort, nostalgia and a strong sense of home. Lucy begins the creative process by looking at her journals and notebooks, finding words and phrases she’s collected that capture recent personal experiences, from grand moments to everyday observations, and finds herself creating whole collections around a few important words.

"I love Lucy Mahon - she is one of the most exciting new artists on the scene. Her curiosity, playfulness and vibrant personality shine through in every piece of art she makes. With the roaring success of the original Art Kiosk it felt like a natural next step to work with Lucy on a limited edition print – all which are hand finished. These prints will be a treasure for any wall.”

Laura Jackson, Glassette's Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer