Glassette x Evermore London


Evermore London make beautiful, long-lasting, natural candles for your home and we’re thrilled to have partnered with them to bring you our first ever candle: ALPINE.

About Alpine

The candle’s scent is designed to evoke the sweet smells of an alpine forest, a long walk through tall pine trees, under a canopy of clouds with the wind rippling through the greenish-blue needles. A curtain of pine, eucalyptus and jasmine lifts to make way for base notes of frankincense, sandalwood & moss.

The scent is bright and soothing, the perfect note to begin a new year, a new season, a new week. ALPINE is a limited edition collaboration between Glassette x Evermore London and is only available through Glassette for £38.

About Evermore London

Evermore crafts sustainable, natural candles, from a blend of rapeseed and soy wax, hand-poured in the UK. Inspired by her search for a cleaner fragrance, founder Sarah Bell wanted to create her own natural candles. Sustainability is at the heart of Evermore brand, with each candle poured in recycled black glass jars inside FSC certified and fully recyclable boxes. From alpine forests to open seas, each scent is a celebration of the beauty of nature.

“I’ve long been a fan of Evermore’s beautiful, sustainably-made candles so loved the idea of collaborating with them to create this special edition candle for Glassette. It’s a way for us to bring the outdoors into our homes, evoking memories of revitalising forest walks at the start of a new year.”

Laura Jackson, Glassette's Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

The Fragrance

Fragrance has the power to transform the way your space feels. Lighting a candle can freshen up your working from home routine, create a sense of calm and space in your morning routine or mark the end of the day. In the same way that your own personal scent can lift your mood, your home fragrance can change the character of a room. If you want more focus or to stimulate your mind, eucalyptus is a great choice. The aromas chosen for ALPINE have been curated with the notion of bringing the outdoors into your home and creating a blanket of calm and peace.

The Design

The ALPINE packaging is fully recyclable in a palette chosen by Glassette x Evermore London to mirror the scent within: a mossy green, a deep pine brown, warm ember orange & soothing eucalyptus. The box is a little work of art in and of itself, that can be placed on your shelf or your fireplace to bring a sense of cosiness and calm to your space. Once your candle has finished burning, the recycled glass vessel can be reused throughout your home - as a pen pot, toothbrush holder, for make up brushes, utensils or as a little plant pot for your windowsill.

ALPINE is a limited edition collaboration between Glassette x Evermore London.